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Aquino-Gil MO, Kupferschmid M, Shams-Eldin H, Schmidt J, Yamakawa N, Mortuaire M, Krzewinski F, Hardivillé S, Zenteno E, Rolando C, Bray F, Pérez Campos E, Dubremetz JF, Perez-Cervera Y, Schwarz RT, Lefebvre T. Apart From Rhoptries, Identification of Toxoplasma gondii's O-GlcNAcylated Proteins Reinforces the Universality of the O-GlcNAcome. Frontiers in endocrinology 2018 9 30177911
O-linked β-N-acetylglucosaminylation or O-GlcNAcylation is a widespread post-translational modification that belongs to the large and heterogeneous group of glycosylations. The functions managed by O-GlcNAcylation are diverse and include regulation of transcription, replication, protein's fate, trafficking, and signaling. More and more evidences tend to show that deregulations in the homeostasis of O-GlcNAcylation are involved in the etiology of metabolic diseases, cancers and neuropathologies. O-GlcNAc transferase or OGT is the enzyme that transfers the N-acetylglucosamine residue onto target proteins confined within the cytosolic and nuclear compartments. A form of OGT was predicted for Toxoplasma and recently we were the first to show evidence of O-GlcNAcylation in the apicomplexans Toxoplasma gondii and Plasmodium falciparum. Numerous studies have explored the O-GlcNAcome in a wide variety of biological models but very few focus on protists. In the present work, we used enrichment on sWGA-beads and immunopurification to identify putative O-GlcNAcylated proteins in Toxoplasma gondii. Many of the proteins found to be O-GlcNAcylated were originally described in higher eukaryotes and participate in cell shape organization, response to stress, protein synthesis and metabolism. In a more original way, our proteomic analyses, confirmed by sWGA-enrichment and click-chemistry, revealed that rhoptries, proteins necessary for invasion, are glycosylated. Together, these data show that regardless of proteins strictly specific to organisms, O-GlcNAcylated proteins are rather similar among living beings.
O-GlcNAc proteins:
A0A0F7UNS7, A0A0F7UNS9, A0A0F7US18, A0A0F7USN9, A0A0F7UTC9, A0A0F7UTU3, A0A0F7UU04, A0A0F7UUK6, A0A0F7UVN4, A0A0F7UY31, A0A0F7UZ13, A0A0F7UZH2, A0A0F7UZN1, A0A0F7V117, A0A0F7V1A1, A0A0F7V207, A0A0F7V2H9, A0A0F7V4E5, A0A0F7V4M1, A0A0F7V4V1, A0A0F7V5E7, A0A0F7V6C1, A0A0F7V6Y1, A0A0F7V8D8, A0A0F7V8D9, A0A0F7V9A2, A0A0F7VAM4, A0A0F7VDV9, A0A0F7VFL4, A0A125YFT6, A0A125YH03, A0A125YH19, A0A125YH31, A0A125YIG1, A0A125YII2, A0A125YIQ1, A0A125YJ41, A0A125YJA7, A0A125YJY9, A0A125YK30, A0A125YK31, A0A125YKA6, A0A125YKH1, A0A125YKP3, A0A125YLH3, A0A125YMU1, A0A125YMW2, A0A125YNJ7, A0A125YNX2, A0A125YQ71, A0A125YQT4, A0A125YQU5, A0A125YQZ2, A0A125YR71, A0A125YRV5, A0A125YSE3, A0A125YSL8, A0A125YST2, A0A125YSX9, A0A125YT22, A0A125YTY5, A0A125YU34, A0A125YUA7, A0A125YUK5, A0A125YV47, A0A125YVI3, A0A125YVX3, A0A125YWA4, A0A125YWN6, A0A125YWW1, A0A125YWX7, A0A125YXF0, A0A125YXW4, A0A125YXY8, A0A125YYA8, A0A125YYN8, A0A125YYR2, A0A125YZB5, B6K8J7, B6K8K4, B6K8L1, B6K8Q8, B6K8Y9, B6K9E4, B6K9Y2, B6K9Z3, B6KA38, B6KA89, B6KAE3, B6KAG9, B6KAL4, B6KAM8, B6KAW0, B6KAW1, B6KB01, B6KB03, B6KB88, B6KBA7, B6KDL6, B6KDN4, B6KFE8, B6KFK7, B6KGK3, B6KGN5, B6KH13, B6KH90, B6KHU4, B6KJ68, B6KJD0, B6KJP5, B6KJX9, B6KKZ7, B6KL08, B6KM09, B6KNZ3, B6KP76, B6KR20, B6KRA7, B6KT39, B6KT44, B6KVA6, B9PFX5, B9PGG2, B9PGZ9, B9PH46, B9PHN7, B9PIA4, B9PIV3, B9PIY5, B9PJA8, B9PJD4, B9PJM1, B9PK53, B9PKF7, B9PKL4, B9PKM9, B9PL62, B9PLD0, B9PLQ7, B9PM19, B9PM93, B9PMK8, B9PMK9, B9PMN6, B9PMU7, B9PMV3, B9PMV8, B9PMX8, B9PMZ3, B9PN66, B9PNK6, B9PNS2, B9PP49, B9PPK8, B9PPQ1, B9PPQ9, B9PQM0, B9PQR4, B9PRA3, B9PRA8, B9PRN1, B9PS36, B9PSW9, B9PSX1, B9PT01, B9PT27, B9PT75, B9PTC2, B9PTE8, B9PTM6, B9PTX0, B9PTZ1, B9PU09, B9PU56, B9PU99, B9PUJ6, B9PUM9, B9PV52, B9PVR5, B9PVZ6, B9PW44, B9PW48, B9PWK0, B9PWN3, B9PWQ2, B9PX11, B9PXE4, B9PXJ3, B9PYA4, B9PYC5, B9PYN1, B9PYS5, B9PYV2, B9PYW7, B9PZC9, B9PZF2, B9PZG9, B9PZT4, B9PZU5, B9Q018, B9Q055, B9Q0C6, B9Q0N7, B9Q0Q9, B9Q199, B9Q1T8, B9Q363, B9Q3S1, B9Q3U3, B9Q5A4, B9Q5R8, B9Q605, B9Q788, B9Q7L9, B9Q7W2, B9Q7Y3, B9Q8A2, B9QAU9, B9QAY6, B9QB60, B9QC07, B9QEH5, B9QFB6, B9QFR6, B9QFV9, B9QFW3, B9QH60, B9QHF5, B9QHQ6, B9QHX6, B9QJ78, B9QJK9, B9QJS4, B9QK32, B9QLU2, B9QMJ0, B9QML2, B9QMZ2, B9QND8, B9QP57, B9QP69, B9QPA4, B9QPM2, B9QPQ2, B9QR10, B9QR35, B9QR64, V4YI32, V4YI37, V4YID2, V4YPG9, V4YQV9, V4YTV2, V4YVI5, V4YW47, V4YXJ8, V4YY60, V4YYL5, V4YYT6, V4YZ17, V4Z117, V4Z2A3, V4Z301, V4Z362, V4Z3K0, V4Z409, V4Z481, V4Z6M2, V4Z6U4, V4Z6U8, V4Z712, V4Z806, V4Z8G0, V4Z8Z4, V4Z9B7, V4Z9F7, V4Z9I7, V4Z9M8, V4ZA01, V4ZBD9, V4ZD29, V4ZD64, V4ZD88, V4ZDB0, V4ZE39, V4ZF64, V4ZFG5, V4ZIR0, V4ZR02, V5AWC8, V5AWD9, V5AWM3, V5AXL6, V5B218, V5B2A1, V5B2X9, V5B518, V5B5J6, V5B6B7, V5BCJ1, V5BD96, V5BDD5, V5BDM3, V5BF03, V5BFN0
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