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Chuh KN, Batt AR, Zaro BW, Darabedian N, Marotta NP, Brennan CK, Amirhekmat A, Pratt MR. The New Chemical Reporter 6-Alkynyl-6-deoxy-GlcNAc Reveals O-GlcNAc Modification of the Apoptotic Caspases That Can Block the Cleavage/Activation of Caspase-8. Journal of the American Chemical Society 2017 139(23) 28528544
O-GlcNAc modification (O-GlcNAcylation) is required for survival in mammalian cells. Genetic and biochemical experiments have found that increased modification inhibits apoptosis in tissues and cell culture and that lowering O-GlcNAcylation induces cell death. However, the molecular mechanisms by which O-GlcNAcylation might inhibit apoptosis are still being elucidated. Here, we first synthesize a new metabolic chemical reporter, 6-Alkynyl-6-deoxy-GlcNAc (6AlkGlcNAc), for the identification of O-GlcNAc-modified proteins. Subsequent characterization of 6AlkGlcNAc shows that this probe is selectively incorporated into O-GlcNAcylated proteins over cell-surface glycoproteins. Using this probe, we discover that the apoptotic caspases are O-GlcNAcylated, which we confirmed using other techniques, raising the possibility that the modification affects their biochemistry. We then demonstrate that changes in the global levels of O-GlcNAcylation result in a converse change in the kinetics of caspase-8 activation during apoptosis. Finally, we show that caspase-8 is modified at residues that can block its cleavage/activation. Our results provide the first evidence that the caspases may be directly affected by O-GlcNAcylation as a potential antiapoptotic mechanism.
O-GlcNAc proteins:
A2A4A6, A2A5R8, GPTC8, SPD2B, A2ACG7, A2AFQ9, A2AFW6, A2AG46, CKAP5, A2AH75, A2AJ72, MA7D1, A2AL12, A2AMW0, A2AMY5, TPX2, PPIG, LAS1L, A5A4Y9, A6PWC3, A6PWK7, UBP36, B1AT03, B1AT82, B1AU75, B2RQG2, OTUD4, B7ZCP4, B7ZP47, D3YUW8, D3YWF6, D3YWK1, D3YX62, SAFB1, D3YXM7, D3YZ06, D3YZP6, D3Z069, D3Z158, D3Z3F8, D3Z6W2, E0CYM1, E9PUH7, E9PVM7, E9PWG6, E9PWV3, E9PWW9, E9PY48, E9PYT3, E9PZM7, E9Q066, E9Q2X6, E9Q3G8, E9Q450, E9Q4K7, E9Q4Q2, KIF23, BD1L1, NUMA1, E9Q7M2, E9Q986, E9Q9E1, E9Q9H2, E9QKG3, E9QKG6, E9QKZ2, E9QLA5, E9QP49, E9QP59, E9QPI5, F2Z3X7, F6S5I0, F7AA26, F7BQE4, FARP1, F8VQ93, F8VQC7, F8VQE9, F8VQK5, F8WI30, G3UZ44, G3UZX6, G3X8R0, G3X8Y3, G3X928, G3X963, G3X972, G3X9V0, G5E896, G5E8E1, H3BJU7, H3BK31, H3BKK2, H7BX26, I1E4X0, I7HIK9, J3QNW0, DPYL2, GTPB1, AKAP1, TCOF, AIP, HDAC1, RL21, GSH0, KIF1C, DHX15, SC6A6, IF6, ILK, ATX2, NMT1, E41L2, DHB12, SRPK1, ZN326, ZFR, PARG, SPD2A, SP1, CASP8, HPRT, LDHA, G6PI, TYSY, RIR1, GNAI2, ITB1, 4F2, H2B1F, MAP1B, HMOX1, LEG1, G3P, KS6A3, COF1, GNAO, IFRD1, VIME, UBL4A, CBX3, CXA1, CATA, IMDH2, IL1RA, MCM3, CDK4, NKTR, FKBP4, CBX2, HMGB2, AIMP1, KAP3, MP2K1, SYWC, KIF4, NEDD1, DPOLA, RANG, UBP4, PTN11, RAB18, PTN1, PTN12, LDLR, DNLI1, CAP1, STAT3, STA5B, PURA, ALD2, RAGP1, NEDD4, STT3A, ALDH2, GSHR, GFPT1, PCY1A, MCM4, ICAL, PLCB3, CDN2A, HDGF, UBP10, KPYM, CCHL, IDHP, DDX6, GOGA3, COX17, ACTN4, GCP3, TB182, EIF3E, ABCE1, PFD3, 1433E, RAP1A, RS25, TCTP, DNJA1, HMGB1, IF5A1, RS17, RS12, UB2L3, HXD13, HDAC2, ELAV1, TP53B, CASP3, PYRG1, TCPB, STIM2, SRSF3, CSRP2, SPTC2, BOP1, SMAD4, M4K4, HNRL2, MARK3, LARP7, CNN2, PP4R2, PEPD, CDCA2, Q3TFP0, GUAA, PDE12, Q3TL72, PRC2C, NOL9, FUBP2, TRADD, CTU2, ZN865, Q3U4W8, Q3UG37, NAT9, NOL8, Q3UJQ9, SC31A, NCBP1, LRRF1, DDX17, LRC47, JIP4, EHMT1, CA050, AAPK1, NSRP1, Q5RL57, Q5SQB0, TENS3, PUR4, Q5UE59, SRC8, SAMH1, KHDR1, GRB10, HELLS, SPB6, RIPK1, CAPR1, ASNS, LAP2A, CDC37, TS101, SNTB2, FNTA, BAP31, PLPP1, FSCN1, FXR1, DDX5, ATRX, DDX3Y, DDX3X, TGFI1, DBNL, SH3G1, CYTB, SMAD2, NDRG1, ZYX, SQSTM, TPP2, ZN512, LAR4B, F120A, CNDG2, NOP58, LTV1, Q6NV52, Q6NXL1, Q6NZD2, ANKL2, Q6P5B5, XPO1, KIF15, FHOD1, TXLNA, PTN23, JUPI2, NUDC1, TACC1, UBE2O, LARP1, ACAP2, 2AAA, MTCH2, ZN503, CYFP1, HNRPQ, SPAG7, DEK, ACTN1,